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Khasala Dam, A natural reservoir in Rudn Enclave

Khasala Dam: RUDN Enclave is one of the most demanding and captivating housing societies, aims to give you the best lifestyle with all the comforts, world-class facilities, and amenities at reasonable and budget-friendly prices.


Khasala Dam 

The drastic climate change has left the world in shock, especially the developing countries.

Pakistan is also suffering from issues like floods, water crisis, water pollution, and unclean drinkable water, but such Initiatives as constructing mini Dams could help the country counter the threatening situation and natural disasters.

Khasala Dam is the prime attraction of RUDN Enclave, which sets the bar very high for other societies. We offer various advantages where you can enjoy water activities with the most breathtaking view of Khasala Dam. Read: Rudn Enclave only “Zero Km” from the Ring Road



Khasala Dam is a natural dam located within the gated community of RUDN Enclave, it is zero km from the Ring Road, located near M-2 Islamabad-Lahore motorway, and adjacent to Adyala road, only 10 minutes drive from Bahria Town phase 8.



Khasala dam is a reservoir to store fresh water following are the advantages khasala Dam provides;


  • Most attractive and enchanting spot in RUDN Enclave
  • Preserve ecosystem
  • Promotes healthy lifestyle
  • Experience beautiful and serene sunset and sunrise at khasala Dam
  • Provides Nature ( greenery and hills ) with luxury.
  • Fishing point
  •  Preventing floods.
  • Irrigation purpose.
  • Tourist spot
  • Best summer season activity spot.
  • Refreshing and relaxing leisure activities.
  • Outstanding walking and jogging tracks.
  • Cultivation purpose.

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Promoting Tourism & Natural Beauty.

This is an attractive and incredible tourist spot where you can enjoy your leisure time in a peaceful environment close to nature.

The dam offers different water activities for children and adults, like boating, kayaking, camping, swimming, fishing, hiking, and many more.


1. Summer fun 

Pakistan is one of those countries where heat waves hit hard. This dam is the best option to kill the summer heat in a fun and entertaining way through water activities like swimming, surfing, knee boating, etc.


2. Experience Majestic Sunset and sunrise.

Khasala Dam gives you a serene and peaceful view where you can sit and enjoy the most majestic and memorable sunrise and sunset with your loved ones.


3. Fishing point

 Fishing is a fun activity and an outdoor skill. Most people do fishing as a hobby. RUDN Enclave khasala Dam provides you with this opportunity in the vicinity to enjoy it with your friends and family; also, it is a good time pass and gives you a sense of fulfillment and achievement.


4. Irrigation and cultivation 

The prime function of this dam is to provide water for farming and agriculture. It increases land use and makes the irrigation and cultivation process easy.


5. Prevent floods

We all know that the water crisis is on the brink, and the recent drastic climatic changes have resulted in massive flooding. This dam would not only prevent flooding but also would preserve water. Read: Rudn Enclave “The mega executive block”



Khasala dam is is a natural water reservoir in the territory of RUDN Enclave, which has enhanced the beauty of this society. This not only helps prevent natural disasters like floods but also provides many other advantages with breathtaking views of sparkling water.


Rudn Enclave “H” Block, Commercial Plots

RUDN Enclave Block H Commercial Plots is the new hype of the town.

We deliver what we promise.

Located at the premier location of twin cities with plots intended for business profits, shopping centers, and offices complex will fuel the growth of national and international brands.

Block H has gained the interest of many investors and will create phenomenal economic activities with the passage of time and has the potential to nurture businesses.

H Block offers limited plots at reasonable prices, making it the best investment opportunity in Twin Cities.

4 and 8 Marla Commercial plots at Block H bring the greatest opportunities and progressive future.

Rudn Enclave “The Mega Executive Block”

Living a luxurious life is a dream everyone wants to come true. It is not easy to find all the facilities you wish for in one place, but this all changes with RUDN Enclave. RUDN Enclave has introduced its new mega executive block with international standard amenities for residential and commercial purposes.

A perfect and safe location with impeccable benefits. Moreover, modern infrastructure and all the amenities of life you need are offered in one place at very reasonable prices. And one of the most important factors to consider, RUDN Enclave is zero kilometers away from Ring Road. 

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Executive Block  

Among the whole society, the Executive Block of RUDN Enclave is a block to behold. This block is designed to fulfill the international standards of the buyers.

It offers you a proper health complex, educational institutions which par with the foreign schooling systems, a peaceful environment, and most important of all advanced security system.

Now, who does not want this all at very reasonable prices?

Among many mentioned necessities available, one that stands out more and grabs the attention is its professional consultants, “The National Engineering Service Pakistan”, NESPAK.

All of us are quite aware of the fact that NESPAK is a trusted and well-known name among Pakistanis and is also trusted globally.

It is one of the largest engineering consultant companies in ASIA and Africa, especially in Middle Eastern States, like

  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Libya
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Qatar
  • Yemen
  • Syria
  • Oman, etc.

Furthermore, NESPAK is indeed one of the prominent aspects of RUDN Enclave but this is not all. Another important part is its futuristic developers, the “Urban Planning Developers”, UPDL.

This is a name not unknown to many of us. They are the big giants of development in Pakistan. With a long history of them working with various successful housing societies, such as Gulberg.

We can on this point proudly say that we have joined hands with UPDL for the amazing future developments in RUDN Enclave.

Why Choose Executive Block?

It is indeed a very reasonable question, Why Choose our Executive Block? The answer to this is that we offer you all the amazing facilities of RUDN Enclave in a division of both residential and commercial plots.

You can easily choose between both of the areas of the plots and what size you want. This is indeed a very suitable option for investors and end users for their hard-earned money.

Commercial Plots Sizes

  • 4 Marla Plots
  • 8 Marla Plots

Residential Plots Sizes

  • 7 Marla Plots
  • 10 Marla Plots
  • 14 Marla Plots
  • 1 Kanal Plots
  • 2 Kanal Plots

Executive Block has amazing facilities

The Executive Block has a prime location. It can be your next stop to live an eased-up life with all the fabulous facilities RUDN Enclave offers you.

This high-standard housing block offers you a Gated Community within the safe and secure walls of RUDN Enclave.

Moreover, its outstanding features regarding international living standards, health complexes, and educational institutions make it more dominant and unique than other blocks.

With the availability of outstanding developers and professional consultants, the high maintenance of a 24/7 secure and surveillance RUDN Enclave executive block is possible with ease.

The executive block of RUDN Enclave is retained with large plots for health complexes and educational institutions.

Health Complexes

The Health Complexes will be built with foreign standards; hospitals, dispensaries, and clinics will always be available with highly qualified doctors and other medical staff 24/7 to facilitate the residents.

Educational Institutions

Educational Institutions are also part of one of the key features of the executive block of RUDN Enclave. The schooling systems will be developed with the vision of providing international educational systems to the young aspiring students of our nation.

The educational institutes will consist of primary and high schools and colleges from all the famous and dedicated branches all over Pakistan.

Final Verdict

The Executive Block is a collective effort and dedication of our hard-working professional team. The prime NESPAK consultants and innovative Urban Planning Developers joined hands with us in planning and giving a new outlook for an unmatched quality lifestyle for the end users.

The Executive Block of RUDN Enclave will lead you to profitable and secure investments for international living standards. It is high time to book your dream plot now at the Executive Block at very reasonable prices and secure your future.

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Luxurious farmhouses in Rudn Enclave

RUDN Enclave Farmhouses – Planning a day hanging out with the family? Imagine an afternoon spent in a farmhouse nestled between views of rolling hills and lush forests. You would love a farmhouse with an interior that offers serene beauty and peace. While the exterior is so enchanting it might captivate you, the RUDN Enclave community has much to offer.

Farmhouses are the epitome of country living such that the time spent there won’t have a dull moment. You can rejoice and have fun all along through different activities. Here at RUDN Enclave, a day spent at the farmhouse will always be a memory you can cherish.

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Where are the farmhouses located?

Along with the rapid development of the RUDN Enclave, the farmhouses are planned to be constructed in the two most prominent blocks. You can opt for 4 Kanal or 8 Kanal plots for farmhouses in the D and E Blocks.

This gated community is envisioned to be the center of various activities in the future. Not only boosting the economy but also serving as a host to startups.

As the Rawalpindi Ring Road is completed, the eight economic zones in the periphery of the community will be a rewarding opportunity for investors.


Why RUDN Enclave?

We offer a premium location to build your farmhouse and experience an exquisite standard of living. While the interior can be planned as per your choice, the most exciting aspect is the dams.

You will find the area between Khasala Dam in the North-East and Jawa Dam in South- West. Both these dams are enveloped beautifully in luxuriantly green hills. This is going to leave you surprisingly fresh and cheerful.

Moreover, the RUDN Enclave is working on uncompromised security, providing you with a secure environment as we guarantee to be a world-class gated community.

Our prime location is at a zero-kilometer distance from the ring road. Moreover, it is easily accessible from Rawalpindi’s main areas, including Saddar, Bahria Town, and Chakri Interchange.


Wrapping Up

Escaping from the daily routine and trading the chaotic pace of the crowded streets for the soothing breeze would be a perfect choice. Design your accommodation at the farmhouse as per your requirements and step into your dream life.


Rudn Enclave only “Zero Km” from the Ring Road

Dreaming of a perfect home but not knowing where to buy it? Let me take you to the land of your aspirations. At the heart of Rawalpindi, stretching along Adiala Road, RUDN Enclave can be your next favorite destination. Rudn Enclave zero KM from the ring road.

RUDN Enclave is accessible from the four major spots of the twin cities, and this society is a cut above the rest. It is at a distance of 0KM from the Rawalpindi Ring Road.

RUDN Enclave, one of the best-gated community projects in Pakistan, is an initiative of RMRSCO, with NESPAK as their pivotal planner. It is a society where you can envision your future because of the top-of-the-line luxuries of life. So investing in RUDN Enclave can be your next big decision. `

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When planning to buy a home or a plot, location is the paramount factor to consider. RUDN Enclave is at the epicenter of the major localities of the twin cities.

It’s about a 20-minute drive from Saddar, Rawalpindi, and M2 Chakri Interchange. However, it will take around 10 minutes if you pin RUDN on the map from Bahria Town Phase 8 via Gorakhpur. Coming from Dhamiyal Camp, the approximate time you would take would be 10 minutes.

While these were the entry routes to the RUDN Enclave, the central location of this society provides you with direct access. The schools, markets, transport, major city centers, hospitals, universities, fitness centers, restaurants, and other go-to areas will be accessible.

The exemplary superfluities within the society’s premises, RUDN Enclave, offer you a luxurious and modern lifestyle with outstanding features, significant infrastructure, and a perfect location.

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It is ZERO km from Ring Road.

The Rawalpindi Ring Road project is planned to be 38 km long and has 6 lanes, 6 interchanges, and 8 economic zones. It will be the forthcoming project of the city, with humongous employment and business opportunities.

This orbital highway will pave the way for seamless traffic flow within the city and is currently under construction. RUDN Enclave is at a distance of “Zero” Km from the ring road, thus providing lots of investment opportunities.


Safe and Secured location

As an investor, a client, or a customer, your primary and basic concern would be security and safety within the boundaries of the community.

As we guarantee it to be among the best-gated community, we ensure a 24/7 surveillance system and CCTV security cameras, as there are zero compromises on the residents.

Here at RUDN Enclave, you will find security staff around the clock, ensuring your safety and security. Besides, it is present in the surroundings of the Jarrar Camp, which has a strict security system and daily patrolling activities.

For further enhanced security, the other factor which increases the security of this society is that it is near Adyala jail, the main prison jail, due to which the security of this area is very strict.

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A luxurious lifestyle, world-class living standards, and a perfect home are all that we strive for. If you find a place with this combination, the wiser step is to go for it.

RUDN Enclaves promises you a bright future with all the top-notch amenities and rapid development work.

We welcome you to your land of dreams.