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RUDN Enclave early balloting taking place in December

We are excited to announce that the early balloting for Executive Block at RUDN Enclave is open now.

” Quarter passed the parameters we had set of ourselves.”RUDN Management

With the uncanny options of lucrative investments and ledger options. We are not limiting our investors to certain options. With early balloting, we are ensuring our investors the ultimate land possession and delivery within a year.

It is nothing short of an achievement for a housing society of this RUDN Enclave scale to get here at the early balloting. We are overwhelmed and excited to step ahead with early balloting taking place this year.

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Balloting in December:

Balloting in RUDN Enclave is nothing less than a chance at life. You never know which asset will propel you to the top.

We at RUDN Enclave, have completed the enormous challenge of keeping our pledge earlier than expected. Yes, you were correct in your guess.

Balloting for our Executive Block residential plots is all set to go. So why wait to avail this golden chance? Come and avail this opportunity before the time slurps out.

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Benefits of Balloting for Executive Block:

RUDN Enclave enjoys the greatest advantages of excellent ROIs for every investment due to its exceptional location in Twin City.

Following are the key aspects of development and early investment that investors should keep in mind.

These reasons can make you weigh your decision more wisely:

1. The high time of investment:

Everyone knows that in real estate investment timing plays a vital role.

Now, we are expecting a golden period for our investors who have already made investments, and for those who waited for the proper moment to invest, the time to do so is now if you want to succeed in making it big.

2. Quick turnaround

Now, that the enclave is going for early balloting, investors should also expect a quick turnaround for early possession.

However, even if that is promised to be given in 2023 by the management but you never know. It can be expected early as well.

3. Speedy Development

Early Balloting is the result of the rapid development status, the enclave work is taking place in full swing.

At multiple spots, for the main project to proceed, the land has been levelled. In addition, the framework for several locations has been established for the work to resume.

We encourage our future investors to come and look at the developmental status themselves.

4. Choice of investment

Our investors are our True partners. The only reason we can move forward with early balloting is because of these incredible collaborations.

Through early balloting, now they have the option of selecting one of our many plot categories with full payment and ledger update, which is incredible.

As this is a limited-time offer, it is being offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

5. Balloting Requirements

Property in Executive Block is the ultimate demand of our investors. We are overwhelmed with the response we have gotten and look forward to receiving more in the future.

Following are the key requirements to become a part of RUDN ENCLAVE, avail the opportunities coming your way, and make a way towards royal living.

  • Chance to avail Choice/Category plots and guaranteed inclusion in the ballot for members who complete 100% Payment and get their Ledger Updated in time.
  • Investors paying 60% and updating their ledger timely will get a particular inclusion priority.
  • Not only that, members paying full payment will get a 10% discount against the amount paid herewith and will be given a choice to choose from the categories.
  • Do not wait for the deadline and complete your payment as a priority to avail this golden opportunity.
  • The last date for updating the ledger is 15 December 2022.

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Ending Note:

Early balloting is the ultimate insurance of delivered promises. We at RUDN Enclave, ensure that we provide lucrative opportunities to our investors.

This gigantic task of early balloting has encouraged us to move ahead with more force.

Take a step ahead of time and avail this opportunity with the availability of multiple options that just makes your investment a much easier and viable option to proceed.

RUDN Enclave calls for all the people who look for a splendid lifestyle and ensured capital gain.

You will have the chance of a lifetime to locate your ideal plot during the balloting round. Take into account the balloting criteria and make your immediate payment if it is still due.

To begin your path toward luxury living, stop by our office in Wallayat Complex Bahria Town Phase 7, Rawalpindi, right away.


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RUDN Enclave Commercial Plots in H-Block

How much do commercial properties cost and is it worth it? H block RUDN Enclave provides a variety of contemporary amenities and cutting-edge infrastructure to support a successful environment.

“Commercial properties make your a fortune, whereas residential properties get you ROIs’’

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Commercial Investments are the real game changers for an investor. However, because of low awareness surrounding this and the societal popularity of investment in residential properties.

Investors take the roads that are simple and get the ROI they desire. Amidst all this confusion, they leave the utmost opportunity that can make the fortune.

Commercial Properties are a golden opportunity for investment since their ROIs are massive and cannot be compared with that of residential properties.

Besides, what matters for professional investors is how vast their portfolio of investments is.

Commercial properties provide the opportunity of diversifying the investment portfolio as well as expansion of networking in the real estate industry.

Given that it is yet another perk of commercial properties your networking becomes much bigger.

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Things to look at before buying commercial properties in Pakistan:

Buying commercial properties, however, can be a huge investment. Given that you got to take a leap of faith when diving into something new.

Moreover, who wouldn’t invest if the property ensures high capital gains?
RUDN Enclave has made things easier for you.

The blogs take you through the aspects an investor should look into before investing in a commercial property. Besides, the blog provides you with great information in length how RUDN Enclave Commercial Properties are a gateway to a lucrative investment:

  1. Location
  2. For example
  3. Market Study
  4. Developmental Status
  5. Amnesties

1. Location:

Commercial properties depend entirely on the location. Since commercial hubs involve a lot of things happening in them: Business, Retail, Shopping, and Socialization hence the location matters a lot in commercial properties.

As a result, determining the location of commercial property is essential. Investors should be aware that commercial properties see more foot traffic.

They should also check to see if the economic hub is connected to numerous locations rather than just one, as nearby communities play a significant role in attracting business.

2. For example:

There is a metropolis city, and a modern housing society is built right next to it people start to shift toward the opportunity.

The key business of the town and modern housing society will remain to be stuck among the population of that city.

However, if the housing society connects itself to multiple cities and offers a convenient and modern lifestyle to a vast number of people.

As a result, the city’s worth will increase and commercial expansion prospects will always be present. While illustrating your pros and cons, make sure that you have room to expand.

3. Market Study:

Prior to making an investment, research market trends to enhance your chances. Since the housing boom, the real estate industry has almost completely shifted.

People who invested in commercial properties were able to make three times their initial investment in this situation.

Rental income, for example, is a key trend in the market right now. If you want to invest in commercial properties to generate passive income, they provide the ideal rental income.

It’s important to remember that the market never stays the same. Those who are patient and do not jump on the first offer that comes their way, on the other hand, are seen to have generated the maximum profit.

4. Developmental Status:

Fast-moving developmental status guarantees that buying commercial real estate was the right choice. Look for societies where residential development has started.

The development work is gaining momentum, and investments are being made frequently.

5. Amenities

A major factor in the commercial investment’s success is the amenities. Look for societies that place a strong emphasis on modern amenities.

Economic research is taken into account when creating commercial hubs.

Basically, a commercial hub should provide all the essential services that help investors expand their businesses or manage them.

Now you must be thinking there are not many such societies that offer all these facilities but no that’s where you are wrong. RUDN Enclave is just the right opportunity that is made well with the best commercial hub considerations.


The RUDN Enclave is situated in the most advantageous area of the Ring Road, which connects it to numerous locations and provides easy mobility for people moving for business expansion.

Second, the commercial investment in the RUDN Enclave H block guarantees business opportunities such as rental income and an ideal business environment.


RUDN Enclave offers 4 and 8 Marla Commercial Properties at the moment. However, you can even get customized property as per the requirement of your business.

Ending Verdict:

Additionally, RUDN Enclave H Block is intended to develop into a commercial hub that encourages foreign companies to expand in Twin City, which was previously impossible due to the growing population.

Thus, it is the most lucrative opportunity for commercial investment available in the market right now.

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RUDN Enclave General Block vs Executive Block

General and executive blocks of RUDN Enclave housing society are highly competitive in terms of their offerings. Our blog covers all the angles of RUDN Enclave General block vs executive block. Also, take you through the market research of how these blocks offer various benefits to different investors.

Investment in the RUDN Enclave General Block VS Executive Block has always been debated. Because investors don’t weigh their options properly before investing, they get indecisive about this situation.

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RUDN Enclave General block vs executive block:

This blog is carefully curated to help you analyze how both these segments of RUDN Enclave General Block VS Executive Block can be beneficial for any investor.

Additionally, the blog takes you through active market research that will likely help you make a certain decision.

RUDN Enclave – Project overview:

RUDN Enclave is among the leading projects in the country at the moment. It is not a hidden fact that with the rapid progress in the project, the project’s popularity among the residents has accelerated.

Investors across the country have already made the most appropriate use of their capital by investing in RUDN Enclave.

The success rate of this project can be determined because 25% of the development was already completed when the booking started.

However, the project is currently in its pre-launch phase, and the designed infrastructure is yet to take place.

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The prime location of any project determines half its success.

RUDN Enclave’s popularity can also be calculated because the project is at a prime location.

It is undoubtedly based in the most high-end locality of Adyala Road, Rawalpindi. With International Islamabad Airport and Khasala Dam in the immediate vicinity.

So with direct access to Ring Road, Rawalpindi, the project is designed to offer a modern-day lifestyle to its residents at the prime location.

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The project is planned to provide residents with a contemporary lifestyle, with every aspect of daily living thoroughly considered.

Following are the number of amenities RUDN Enclave is going to offer in this project:

  • Cinemas
  • Business centers
  • International Hotel
  • Malls
  • Indoor and Outdoor Activities
  • Cricket Stadium
  • Skywalk over the Dam
  • Commercial Areas
  • Play Grounds, Masjid, and Jogging Tracks

The project has considered every aspect of modern life for its residents to enhance their current living status, with state-of-the-art parallel facilities constructed with worldwide development standards in mind.

Categories and offerings:

The projects offer both opportunities for investment in commercial and residential properties at the most market-competitive price rates, with the availability of the following categories in General Block: 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 Marla, 14 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal in the residential block and 4 Marla and 8 Marla in the commercial block.

RUDN offers the following residential categories in the Executive block: 4 Marla, 7 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal.

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General Block vs Executive Block:

One of the important actions before investing is weighing all the available options. Most of the time, the key mistake investors make is investing in a project that doesn’t align with their investment objectives.

Poor and unpredictable outcomes are major consequences of not aligning your financial objectives.

For example, suppose a person invests in two residential projects but does not choose a commercial one, only to find later the benefits of investing in commercial properties.

Therefore, an investor must make their investment with clear objectives, linked aims, and logical reasons.

The blogs have taken you through different aspects of how both these blocks are planned, how they offer various features, and how they are intended to offer other purposes for diverse investors.

Payment Plan of H-Block, RUDN Enclave

Payment Plane of H-Block, RUDN Enclave

Based on the location:

The general block is located in the initial RUDN Enclave phases. Therefore, it benefits from being connected to the Ring Road, Rawalpindi. Making it a competitive category for investors.

Another thing to keep in mind about the general block is that the process is under development and will resume in a while.

Due to the ongoing alignment of the Ring Road, this will resume once the alignment and development of the Ring Road are confirmed.

On the other hand, Executive Block takes the lead here with wide roads and larger categories.

The executive block is planned and based a bit distant from the early stages of RUDN Enclave. It will be designed to offer residents a more tranquil and upscale environment.

Potential ROI:

The project will likely be twice as valuable as it claims to be due to the development of Rawalpindi’s Ring Road. The category you decide to invest in significantly impacts the possible ROI of a RUDN Enclave hold.

In the residential category, the expected ROI is 20-25% each year and 40-50% if you choose the executive block.

This housing project in Rawalpindi will definitely increase the amount of invested money.


Executive or General Block RUDN Enclave both these options are lucrative in terms of investment. However, it depends on the investor’s objectives of what he is looking for from the investment.

As RUDN Enclave, it is the next big thing to emerge in Twin City. NESPAK envisioned the project.

It is planned to provide an uplifted living standard. Besides, the project is meticulously designed to ensure capital gain for the investors.

Stay connected to learn about RUDN Enclave development. For any query, you may consult our sales representatives.

RUDN Enclave Farmhouses Pros and Cons

Wanting a personal relaxing space is something we all desire. A unique place with natural beauty and basic amenities. Who does not like it? A place to visit with your family on holidays and enjoy the serenity there. Yes, a farmhouse is what I am talking about. The RUDN Enclave Society is offering you a successful housing project related to farmhouses featured in Block D and Block E. Learn more about the RUDN Enclave Farmhouses Pros and cons.

The RUDN Enclave has successfully established itself in a short time. They are, in a short-span developing society with a futuristic outlook for their investors and end users.

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The most captivating factor of RUDN Enclave is that two dams surround it; Khasala Dam in the northeast and Jawa Dam in the southwest.

Now for the most exciting news for you guys, according to the master plan, the Farmhouse area is adjacent to Khasala Dam.

A suitable investment at the right time means you can secure many future benefits from the farmhouse area of RUDN Enclave. So why not have a look at what society is offering you?

Pros and Cons of RUDN Enclave Farmhouses


  • Stress-free Environment
  • Natural and Clean Living Place
  • Mood-Boosting Living Place
  • Water Reservoir
  • Beauty of Nature
  • Good Investment Potential for Future Growth
  • Modern Infrastructure
  • Spacious and Elegant Place
  • Right next to Ring Road
  • Easy travel access from M-2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway
  • All basic amenities are available


The mentioned above pros are points to be well-considered. The Farmhouse plots plan is available in two different sizes; 4 Kanals Plots and 8 Kanal Plots.

The area is also limited as people want to invest as soon as possible to get hold of something they dreamed of. Finding all the desired demands in one place is difficult, but RUDN Enclave promises it.

You get it all in one place with no water shortage and easy travel access, from a clean environment to personal space. The price plan is also reasonable, but the area is limited due to increasing daily demand.

If you are interested, RUDN Enclave offers you a detailed four years plan for the ease of buying in this expensive era.

They have designed the plan for either plot size to be reasonable and cost-effective for even low-income citizens.


  • NOC is yet to be obtained
  • Pre-launch Phase of Society
  • Away from City
  • Insufficient Public Transport Options

There are a few disadvantages that might be a cause of concern for you but not for others. These cons are small, yet you still need to be sure about everything.

Yes, RUDN Enclave is yet to obtain its NOC soon. The NOC is guaranteed because society is associated with well-known and trusted planners and developers, NESPAK and UPDL.

Furthermore, society is zero kilometers away from Ring Road and has easy access from Lahore-Islamabad Motorway. For some people living away from the city may seem troublesome, but farmhouses are a place for relaxation.

The RUDN Enclave Block D and Block E are specifically designed for those who want to live in hassle-free environments. You do not need to worry about your investments as the prices are booming daily due to increased demands.

Whether you want a plot for future benefits or a modern and clean living style, the RUDN Enclave Farmhouses are your best choice.


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