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RUDN Enclave Farmhouses Pros and Cons

Wanting a personal relaxing space is something we all desire. A unique place with natural beauty and basic amenities. Who does not like it? A place to visit with your family on holidays and enjoy the serenity there. Yes, a farmhouse is what I am talking about. The RUDN Enclave Society is offering you a successful housing project related to farmhouses featured in Block D and Block E. Learn more about the RUDN Enclave Farmhouses Pros and cons.

The RUDN Enclave has successfully established itself in a short time. They are, in a short-span developing society with a futuristic outlook for their investors and end users.

Read Luxurious farmhouses in Rudn Enclave.

The most captivating factor of RUDN Enclave is that two dams surround it; Khasala Dam in the northeast and Jawa Dam in the southwest.

Now for the most exciting news for you guys, according to the master plan, the Farmhouse area is adjacent to Khasala Dam.

A suitable investment at the right time means you can secure many future benefits from the farmhouse area of RUDN Enclave. So why not have a look at what society is offering you?

Pros and Cons of RUDN Enclave Farmhouses


  • Stress-free Environment
  • Natural and Clean Living Place
  • Mood-Boosting Living Place
  • Water Reservoir
  • Beauty of Nature
  • Good Investment Potential for Future Growth
  • Modern Infrastructure
  • Spacious and Elegant Place
  • Right next to Ring Road
  • Easy travel access from M-2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway
  • All basic amenities are available


The mentioned above pros are points to be well-considered. The Farmhouse plots plan is available in two different sizes; 4 Kanals Plots and 8 Kanal Plots.

The area is also limited as people want to invest as soon as possible to get hold of something they dreamed of. Finding all the desired demands in one place is difficult, but RUDN Enclave promises it.

You get it all in one place with no water shortage and easy travel access, from a clean environment to personal space. The price plan is also reasonable, but the area is limited due to increasing daily demand.

If you are interested, RUDN Enclave offers you a detailed four years plan for the ease of buying in this expensive era.

They have designed the plan for either plot size to be reasonable and cost-effective for even low-income citizens.


  • NOC is yet to be obtained
  • Pre-launch Phase of Society
  • Away from City
  • Insufficient Public Transport Options

There are a few disadvantages that might be a cause of concern for you but not for others. These cons are small, yet you still need to be sure about everything.

Yes, RUDN Enclave is yet to obtain its NOC soon. The NOC is guaranteed because society is associated with well-known and trusted planners and developers, NESPAK and UPDL.

Furthermore, society is zero kilometers away from Ring Road and has easy access from Lahore-Islamabad Motorway. For some people living away from the city may seem troublesome, but farmhouses are a place for relaxation.

The RUDN Enclave Block D and Block E are specifically designed for those who want to live in hassle-free environments. You do not need to worry about your investments as the prices are booming daily due to increased demands.

Whether you want a plot for future benefits or a modern and clean living style, the RUDN Enclave Farmhouses are your best choice.


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Luxurious farmhouses in Rudn Enclave

RUDN Enclave Farmhouses – Planning a day hanging out with the family? Imagine an afternoon spent in a farmhouse nestled between views of rolling hills and lush forests. You would love a farmhouse with an interior that offers serene beauty and peace. While the exterior is so enchanting it might captivate you, the RUDN Enclave community has much to offer.

Farmhouses are the epitome of country living such that the time spent there won’t have a dull moment. You can rejoice and have fun all along through different activities. Here at RUDN Enclave, a day spent at the farmhouse will always be a memory you can cherish.

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Where are the farmhouses located?

Along with the rapid development of the RUDN Enclave, the farmhouses are planned to be constructed in the two most prominent blocks. You can opt for 4 Kanal or 8 Kanal plots for farmhouses in the D and E Blocks.

This gated community is envisioned to be the center of various activities in the future. Not only boosting the economy but also serving as a host to startups.

As the Rawalpindi Ring Road is completed, the eight economic zones in the periphery of the community will be a rewarding opportunity for investors.


Why RUDN Enclave?

We offer a premium location to build your farmhouse and experience an exquisite standard of living. While the interior can be planned as per your choice, the most exciting aspect is the dams.

You will find the area between Khasala Dam in the North-East and Jawa Dam in South- West. Both these dams are enveloped beautifully in luxuriantly green hills. This is going to leave you surprisingly fresh and cheerful.

Moreover, the RUDN Enclave is working on uncompromised security, providing you with a secure environment as we guarantee to be a world-class gated community.

Our prime location is at a zero-kilometer distance from the ring road. Moreover, it is easily accessible from Rawalpindi’s main areas, including Saddar, Bahria Town, and Chakri Interchange.


Wrapping Up

Escaping from the daily routine and trading the chaotic pace of the crowded streets for the soothing breeze would be a perfect choice. Design your accommodation at the farmhouse as per your requirements and step into your dream life.