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Khasala Dam, A natural reservoir in Rudn Enclave

Khasala Dam: RUDN Enclave is one of the most demanding and captivating housing societies, aims to give you the best lifestyle with all the comforts, world-class facilities, and amenities at reasonable and budget-friendly prices.


Khasala Dam 

The drastic climate change has left the world in shock, especially the developing countries.

Pakistan is also suffering from issues like floods, water crisis, water pollution, and unclean drinkable water, but such Initiatives as constructing mini Dams could help the country counter the threatening situation and natural disasters.

Khasala Dam is the prime attraction of RUDN Enclave, which sets the bar very high for other societies. We offer various advantages where you can enjoy water activities with the most breathtaking view of Khasala Dam. Read: Rudn Enclave only “Zero Km” from the Ring Road



Khasala Dam is a natural dam located within the gated community of RUDN Enclave, it is zero km from the Ring Road, located near M-2 Islamabad-Lahore motorway, and adjacent to Adyala road, only 10 minutes drive from Bahria Town phase 8.



Khasala dam is a reservoir to store fresh water following are the advantages khasala Dam provides;


  • Most attractive and enchanting spot in RUDN Enclave
  • Preserve ecosystem
  • Promotes healthy lifestyle
  • Experience beautiful and serene sunset and sunrise at khasala Dam
  • Provides Nature ( greenery and hills ) with luxury.
  • Fishing point
  •  Preventing floods.
  • Irrigation purpose.
  • Tourist spot
  • Best summer season activity spot.
  • Refreshing and relaxing leisure activities.
  • Outstanding walking and jogging tracks.
  • Cultivation purpose.

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Promoting Tourism & Natural Beauty.

This is an attractive and incredible tourist spot where you can enjoy your leisure time in a peaceful environment close to nature.

The dam offers different water activities for children and adults, like boating, kayaking, camping, swimming, fishing, hiking, and many more.


1. Summer fun 

Pakistan is one of those countries where heat waves hit hard. This dam is the best option to kill the summer heat in a fun and entertaining way through water activities like swimming, surfing, knee boating, etc.


2. Experience Majestic Sunset and sunrise.

Khasala Dam gives you a serene and peaceful view where you can sit and enjoy the most majestic and memorable sunrise and sunset with your loved ones.


3. Fishing point

 Fishing is a fun activity and an outdoor skill. Most people do fishing as a hobby. RUDN Enclave khasala Dam provides you with this opportunity in the vicinity to enjoy it with your friends and family; also, it is a good time pass and gives you a sense of fulfillment and achievement.


4. Irrigation and cultivation 

The prime function of this dam is to provide water for farming and agriculture. It increases land use and makes the irrigation and cultivation process easy.


5. Prevent floods

We all know that the water crisis is on the brink, and the recent drastic climatic changes have resulted in massive flooding. This dam would not only prevent flooding but also would preserve water. Read: Rudn Enclave “The mega executive block”



Khasala dam is is a natural water reservoir in the territory of RUDN Enclave, which has enhanced the beauty of this society. This not only helps prevent natural disasters like floods but also provides many other advantages with breathtaking views of sparkling water.