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Project Location

Project Location

We Have The Best Location

Project Location Nestled between two exquisite water bodies, Khasala dam in the North-East and Jawa dam in the South-West, stretching along the most vital communication artery Adyala road, and extending further North towards Chakri road, RUDN Enclave is located at an ideal futuristic location. Distances from major hubs of the city are as follows:
  • Rawalpindi Saddar to RUDN Enclave via Adyala road: Approx 20 Minutes’ drive
  • Dhamyal air base to RUDN Enclave via Dhamyal road: Approx 15 Minutes’ drive
  • Bahria Phase 8 via Gorakhpur-Adyala Road: Approx 10 Minutes’ drive
  • M2 via Chakri interchange, Chakri road: Approx 20 Minutes’ drive
  • Rawat via Chakbeli road: Approx 35 Minutes’ drive
  • M2 via Chakri interchange, Adyala road: Approx 25 Minutes’ drive


The proposed Rawalpindi ring road project passes through RUDN Enclave, connecting the commuters to the motorway, G.T Road, Rawalpindi city, and Islamabad alike in the future.

The Project Location locality is a hub for all civic facilities like Gas, Electricity, Optic fiber, Water sources, Health services, education, Transportation, and utilities that make an area livable even today.

The addition of Project Location Rawalpindi ring road will be another landmark development in the area which will surely enhance the value and connectivity of RUDN Enclave.


RUDN enclave has a promising future due to the Rawalpindi ring road, M2, and Islamabad international airport distances will considerably reduce thereby providing speedy and uninterrupted traffic flow to the twin cities as follows:

  • RUDN enclave to M2 via proposed Ring Road: 10 Minutes’ drive
  • Rawat to RUDN enclave via proposed Ring Road: 15 Minutes’ drive
  • RUDN enclave to Islamabad International airport: 15 Minutes’ drive


RUDN Enclave Ring Road Map