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RUDN Enclave General Block vs Executive Block

General and executive blocks of RUDN Enclave housing society are highly competitive in terms of their offerings. Our blog covers all the angles of RUDN Enclave General block vs executive block. Also, take you through the market research of how these blocks offer various benefits to different investors.

Investment in the RUDN Enclave General Block VS Executive Block has always been debated. Because investors don’t weigh their options properly before investing, they get indecisive about this situation.

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RUDN Enclave General block vs executive block:

This blog is carefully curated to help you analyze how both these segments of RUDN Enclave General Block VS Executive Block can be beneficial for any investor.

Additionally, the blog takes you through active market research that will likely help you make a certain decision.

RUDN Enclave – Project overview:

RUDN Enclave is among the leading projects in the country at the moment. It is not a hidden fact that with the rapid progress in the project, the project’s popularity among the residents has accelerated.

Investors across the country have already made the most appropriate use of their capital by investing in RUDN Enclave.

The success rate of this project can be determined because 25% of the development was already completed when the booking started.

However, the project is currently in its pre-launch phase, and the designed infrastructure is yet to take place.

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The prime location of any project determines half its success.

RUDN Enclave’s popularity can also be calculated because the project is at a prime location.

It is undoubtedly based in the most high-end locality of Adyala Road, Rawalpindi. With International Islamabad Airport and Khasala Dam in the immediate vicinity.

So with direct access to Ring Road, Rawalpindi, the project is designed to offer a modern-day lifestyle to its residents at the prime location.

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The project is planned to provide residents with a contemporary lifestyle, with every aspect of daily living thoroughly considered.

Following are the number of amenities RUDN Enclave is going to offer in this project:

  • Cinemas
  • Business centers
  • International Hotel
  • Malls
  • Indoor and Outdoor Activities
  • Cricket Stadium
  • Skywalk over the Dam
  • Commercial Areas
  • Play Grounds, Masjid, and Jogging Tracks

The project has considered every aspect of modern life for its residents to enhance their current living status, with state-of-the-art parallel facilities constructed with worldwide development standards in mind.

Categories and offerings:

The projects offer both opportunities for investment in commercial and residential properties at the most market-competitive price rates, with the availability of the following categories in General Block: 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 Marla, 14 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal in the residential block and 4 Marla and 8 Marla in the commercial block.

RUDN offers the following residential categories in the Executive block: 4 Marla, 7 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal.

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General Block vs Executive Block:

One of the important actions before investing is weighing all the available options. Most of the time, the key mistake investors make is investing in a project that doesn’t align with their investment objectives.

Poor and unpredictable outcomes are major consequences of not aligning your financial objectives.

For example, suppose a person invests in two residential projects but does not choose a commercial one, only to find later the benefits of investing in commercial properties.

Therefore, an investor must make their investment with clear objectives, linked aims, and logical reasons.

The blogs have taken you through different aspects of how both these blocks are planned, how they offer various features, and how they are intended to offer other purposes for diverse investors.

Payment Plan of H-Block, RUDN Enclave

Payment Plane of H-Block, RUDN Enclave

Based on the location:

The general block is located in the initial RUDN Enclave phases. Therefore, it benefits from being connected to the Ring Road, Rawalpindi. Making it a competitive category for investors.

Another thing to keep in mind about the general block is that the process is under development and will resume in a while.

Due to the ongoing alignment of the Ring Road, this will resume once the alignment and development of the Ring Road are confirmed.

On the other hand, Executive Block takes the lead here with wide roads and larger categories.

The executive block is planned and based a bit distant from the early stages of RUDN Enclave. It will be designed to offer residents a more tranquil and upscale environment.

Potential ROI:

The project will likely be twice as valuable as it claims to be due to the development of Rawalpindi’s Ring Road. The category you decide to invest in significantly impacts the possible ROI of a RUDN Enclave hold.

In the residential category, the expected ROI is 20-25% each year and 40-50% if you choose the executive block.

This housing project in Rawalpindi will definitely increase the amount of invested money.


Executive or General Block RUDN Enclave both these options are lucrative in terms of investment. However, it depends on the investor’s objectives of what he is looking for from the investment.

As RUDN Enclave, it is the next big thing to emerge in Twin City. NESPAK envisioned the project.

It is planned to provide an uplifted living standard. Besides, the project is meticulously designed to ensure capital gain for the investors.

Stay connected to learn about RUDN Enclave development. For any query, you may consult our sales representatives.

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