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Rudn Enclave “The Mega Executive Block”

Living a luxurious life is a dream everyone wants to come true. It is not easy to find all the facilities you wish for in one place, but this all changes with RUDN Enclave. RUDN Enclave has introduced its new mega executive block with international standard amenities for residential and commercial purposes.

A perfect and safe location with impeccable benefits. Moreover, modern infrastructure and all the amenities of life you need are offered in one place at very reasonable prices. And one of the most important factors to consider, RUDN Enclave is zero kilometers away from Ring Road. 

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Executive Block  

Among the whole society, the Executive Block of RUDN Enclave is a block to behold. This block is designed to fulfill the international standards of the buyers.

It offers you a proper health complex, educational institutions which par with the foreign schooling systems, a peaceful environment, and most important of all advanced security system.

Now, who does not want this all at very reasonable prices?

Among many mentioned necessities available, one that stands out more and grabs the attention is its professional consultants, “The National Engineering Service Pakistan”, NESPAK.

All of us are quite aware of the fact that NESPAK is a trusted and well-known name among Pakistanis and is also trusted globally.

It is one of the largest engineering consultant companies in ASIA and Africa, especially in Middle Eastern States, like

  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Libya
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Qatar
  • Yemen
  • Syria
  • Oman, etc.

Furthermore, NESPAK is indeed one of the prominent aspects of RUDN Enclave but this is not all. Another important part is its futuristic developers, the “Urban Planning Developers”, UPDL.

This is a name not unknown to many of us. They are the big giants of development in Pakistan. With a long history of them working with various successful housing societies, such as Gulberg.

We can on this point proudly say that we have joined hands with UPDL for the amazing future developments in RUDN Enclave.

Why Choose Executive Block?

It is indeed a very reasonable question, Why Choose our Executive Block? The answer to this is that we offer you all the amazing facilities of RUDN Enclave in a division of both residential and commercial plots.

You can easily choose between both of the areas of the plots and what size you want. This is indeed a very suitable option for investors and end users for their hard-earned money.

Commercial Plots Sizes

  • 4 Marla Plots
  • 8 Marla Plots

Residential Plots Sizes

  • 7 Marla Plots
  • 10 Marla Plots
  • 14 Marla Plots
  • 1 Kanal Plots
  • 2 Kanal Plots

Executive Block has amazing facilities

The Executive Block has a prime location. It can be your next stop to live an eased-up life with all the fabulous facilities RUDN Enclave offers you.

This high-standard housing block offers you a Gated Community within the safe and secure walls of RUDN Enclave.

Moreover, its outstanding features regarding international living standards, health complexes, and educational institutions make it more dominant and unique than other blocks.

With the availability of outstanding developers and professional consultants, the high maintenance of a 24/7 secure and surveillance RUDN Enclave executive block is possible with ease.

The executive block of RUDN Enclave is retained with large plots for health complexes and educational institutions.

Health Complexes

The Health Complexes will be built with foreign standards; hospitals, dispensaries, and clinics will always be available with highly qualified doctors and other medical staff 24/7 to facilitate the residents.

Educational Institutions

Educational Institutions are also part of one of the key features of the executive block of RUDN Enclave. The schooling systems will be developed with the vision of providing international educational systems to the young aspiring students of our nation.

The educational institutes will consist of primary and high schools and colleges from all the famous and dedicated branches all over Pakistan.

Final Verdict

The Executive Block is a collective effort and dedication of our hard-working professional team. The prime NESPAK consultants and innovative Urban Planning Developers joined hands with us in planning and giving a new outlook for an unmatched quality lifestyle for the end users.

The Executive Block of RUDN Enclave will lead you to profitable and secure investments for international living standards. It is high time to book your dream plot now at the Executive Block at very reasonable prices and secure your future.

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