Housing Societies Near Rawalpindi Ring Road

Housing Societies Near Rawalpindi Ring Road

Rawalpindi Ring Road is going to be a game changer for the residents of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. It will make commuting much easier. People will be able to travel within the city with ease. This convenience has led to the emergence of a number of housing societies near Rawalpindi Ring Road.

But there is a problem with all this. There are a number of fake housing societies and also owing to the huge number of these societies it is hard to decide which is the right one. Don’t worry after doing thorough research we have come up with the best housing societies near Rawalpindi Ring Road.

These are not only LOP-cleared but are also among the best housing societies in Rawalpindi-Islamabad. So, let’s move and have a look at these.

Introduction to Rawalpindi Ring Road 

Rawalpindi Ring Road, also known as Rawalpindi–Islamabad Ring Road, is a 38.3-kilometer orbital highway under construction, set to connect Rawalpindi and Islamabad with six lanes. 

Starting near Rawat and concluding close to the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway at Thalian interchange, this transformative project originated in 1991, faced delays, and gained momentum in 2010 with Chinese collaboration. 

Seeking funding from the Asian Development Bank in 2017, Rawalpindi Ring Road is a pivotal infrastructure development, unlocking opportunities for real estate growth. 

5 Best Housing Societies Near Rawalpindi Ring Road 

housing societies near Rawalpindi ring road

With the ever-growing population of Rawalpindi, the demand for new housing societies is also on the rise. But there is also a rise in fraudulent housing societies and it is hard to find the right choice to invest in. 

To make things easier for you we will tell you about the best housing societies near the Rawalpindi Ring Road. You can also invest in a society that is not only secure and modern but super easy to access through the ring road. 

  1. Rudn Enclave
  2. Gulberg Islamabad
  3. Capital Smart City
  4. Bahria Phase VIII
  5. Blue World City

1. Rudn Enclave

RUDN Enclave, a venture of RMRSCO (PVT. Ltd), stands as a testament to innovation and excellence in real estate development. Guided by NESPAK, a renowned master planner and consultant, and powered by the expertise of Urban Planning and Design Limited (UPDL), along with its subsidiaries Alhaq Builders and New Leafs, we are dedicated to shaping the most attractive project in the twin cities.

Strategically situated on Main Adyala Road, at the prime location of Ring Road Rawalpindi, RUDN Enclave is more than just a housing project—it’s an eco-friendly haven designed for healthy living. Boasting a picturesque Dam view and surrounded by natural beauty, our community provides not only a home but an immersive experience.

2. Gulberg Islamabad

Boasting a prime location near Interchange 1 N-5 Radio Pakistan, Gulberg Islamabad impresses with its community facilities and well-planned infrastructure. The area’s investment potential and growth prospects make it a sought-after destination for those looking for a blend of comfort and convenience.

Gulberg Islamabad, a project of the Intelligence Bureau Employee’s Cooperative Housing Society (IBECHS), offers a strategic location and essential amenities for residents. Its proximity to Islamabad, just a 15-minute drive away, makes it an accessible residential choice. Additionally, it takes only 10 minutes to reach the airport and 5 minutes to G.T. Road, enhancing connectivity.

3. Capital Smart City

Accessible from Interchange 4 Chakri Road, Capital Smart City is synonymous with smart features and sustainable development. The real estate market in this society reflects dynamic trends, making it an intriguing option for investors seeking long-term returns.

Capital Smart City, initiated by FDHL (Future Developments Holdings Ltd.), addresses the growing housing demand in the twin cities. Positioned on the M2 Motorway near the New Islamabad International Airport, this project is strategically located on the eastern route of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

4. Bahria Phase VIII

Proximate to Interchange 3 Adyala, Bahria Phase VIII offers a lifestyle defined by luxurious amenities and a vibrant community. Understanding the property values and market trends in Bahria Phase VIII is crucial for making informed investment decisions.

Bahria Town Phase 8 is a testament to sophisticated urban planning, seamlessly integrating the main road networks of Phase 8 with DHA Phases 1-3. This amalgamation, a complex yet high-return endeavour, showcases master planning at its pinnacle.

5. Blue World City

Located near Interchange 4 Chakri Road, Blue World City is known for its theme-based development and unique attractions. The investment opportunities and future developments in this society make it a fascinating prospect for those looking for distinctive living experiences.

Positioned for convenience, Blue World City is a mere 20-minute drive from the New Islamabad International Airport. This prime location enhances accessibility and makes it an attractive choice for residents and investors alike.

Comparisons between Housing Societies Near Rawalpindi Ring Road 

To aid potential investors, a comparative analysis of the mentioned housing societies is essential. Understanding the locations, amenities, and features offered by each society helps in making an informed decision based on individual preferences and requirements.

1. Rudn Enclave

  • Location: Near Interchange 3 Adyala.
  • Accessibility: Proximity to Islamabad International Airport, easy accessibility to the motorway, including the Chakri & Thalian Interchange
  • Amenities: State-of-the-art security, landscaped parks, school, zoo, theme park, skywalk. 
  • Development Status: Emerging with ongoing developments.

2. Gulberg Islamabad

  • Location: 15 minutes from Islamabad, 10 minutes to the airport, 5 minutes to G.T. Road.
  • Accessibility: Well-connected, facilitating easy travel to major destinations.
  • Amenities: Educational hub, commercial areas, ongoing construction of 5-star hotels.
  • Development Status: Established with ongoing development.

3. Capital Smart City

  • Location: Interchange 4 Chakri Road.
  • Accessibility: Easy access to motorways, enhancing connectivity.
  • Amenities: Smart features, sustainable development.
  • Development Status: Rapid development with ongoing projects.

4. Bahria Phase VIII

  • Location: Near Interchange 3 Adyala.
  • Accessibility: Accessible to major roads, ensuring convenience.
  • Amenities: Luxurious amenities, vibrant community.
  • Development Status: Established with ongoing expansions.

5. Blue World City

  • Location: Interchange 4 Chakri Road, adjacent to the Motorway (M2) on the CPEC route.
  • Accessibility: Strategically positioned for easy access, especially for tourists.
  • Amenities: World-class tourist destination, international standards.
  • Development Status: Developing with ongoing projects.

Future Prospects of Rawalpindi Ring Road

The Rawalpindi Ring Road, a significant infrastructure project, holds the promise of shaping the city’s landscape and fostering future developments.

Let’s explore the concrete developments and transformations anticipated along the path of this ambitious road network.

  1. Urban Expansion: The Rawalpindi Ring Road is expected to drive urban expansion along its route, creating new hubs for residential, commercial, and industrial activities.
  2. Economic Growth: As the road facilitates easier connectivity, it is poised to attract investments and foster economic growth in the surrounding areas, boosting local businesses and employment opportunities.
  3. Real Estate Boom: The proximity of the Ring Road often correlates with a surge in real estate values. Anticipate a potential real estate boom, making it an attractive prospect for property investors.
  4. Infrastructure Upgrades: The development of the Ring Road may trigger additional infrastructure upgrades, including improved public services, transportation networks, and utilities.
  5. Enhanced Connectivity: Improved connectivity is not only expected within the city but also with neighbouring regions, contributing to a more integrated and accessible urban environment.
  6. Tourism and Recreation: Strategic planning around the Ring Road may lead to the development of recreational and tourism spots, enhancing the overall lifestyle of the residents.
  7. Environmental Impact: With efficient urban planning, the Ring Road project might incorporate green spaces and environmentally friendly initiatives, contributing positively to the region’s ecology.


The housing societies near Rawalpindi Ring Road present lucrative opportunities for investors and a comfortable lifestyle for residents. With strategic locations, modern amenities, and promising future prospects, these societies contribute significantly to the city’s growth.

Societies like Gulberg Islamabad, Rudn Enclave, and Capital Smart City stand to benefit significantly from Rawalpindi Ring Road. The improved connectivity is likely to enhance property values and accessibility for residents.
Determining the “best” society depends on individual preferences. However, Rudn Enclave is a popular choice due to its strategic location, educational hub, and ongoing developments, making it a well-rounded option.
Rawalpindi Ring Road brings economic growth, improved connectivity, and increased property values. It enhances accessibility, fosters urban expansion, and contributes to a more integrated and developed city infrastructure.
The best housing society in Islamabad varies based on needs. Gulberg Islamabad is favoured for its accessibility, amenities, and ongoing developments. However, individual preferences should guide the choice among other reputable societies like DHA and Bahria Town.

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