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Overseas Block

Welcome to Rudn Enclave-2 Overseas Block , an exquisite haven meticulously designed for the discerning global citizen in pursuit of the perfect blend of luxury and convenience. Within this unique community, we redefine the essence of international living, addressing comprehensively the diverse needs of our esteemed residents.

The Overseas Block stands as a paragon of meticulous planning and thoughtful design, epitomizing sophisticated living at its zenith. Every intricate detail is purposefully crafted to adhere strictly to the highest international standards, ensuring an unparalleled world-class experience for those who choose to make the Overseas Block their home.

As you embark on your journey with us, our commitment to simplicity in serving our overseas clients shines through. From the initial inquiry to the final acquisition of your plot, our process is seamlessly transparent and meticulously tailored for a truly rewarding experience. Step into a world where expectations are not merely met but consistently exceeded, making the Overseas Block a truly distinctive and highly sought-after destination for global citizens seeking the pinnacle of refined living.

overseas block
overseas block

Overseas Client Requirements

In Rudn Enclave-2 Overseas Block, we acknowledge and appreciate the distinct requirements of our global clientele. Our unwavering commitment to simplicity underscores a personalized and transparent process, facilitating a seamless and gratifying journey from the initial inquiry to the acquisition of your plot. We take pride in our ability to comprehend and surpass the varied needs of our esteemed global clientele.

Master Community

The Overseas Block transcends being merely a residential space; it stands as a master community. Featuring educational institutions such as schools, colleges, and universities, we actively cultivate an environment that fosters learning, growth, and international collaboration.

Block Location

Overseas Block Location:

Positioned with strategic precision, Rudn Enclave-2 Overseas Block features unique dual access points, seamlessly connecting to both Adyala Road and Chakri Road. This design ensures residents enjoy unparalleled connectivity, complemented by direct access to the picturesque Jawa Dam and the convenience of two interchanges, Adyala and Chakri, providing efficient and direct routes.

Adding to its strategic significance, the Overseas Block holds a prime location at “0 km” from the Rawalpindi Ring Road, establishing a central and easily accessible hub for all residents. This integration of key access points and proximity to vital routes defines the Overseas Block as a well-connected and strategically positioned community, enhancing the overall living experience for its discerning residents.

Chakri Interchange

Only Block that has two access and linked with Two Interchanges of RRR.( Adyala Road and Chakri road)

Adyala Interchange

Overseas Block are only block that has LOP cleared from PHATA.

Ref# DG-PHATA/W-l/PHS/84/2023

Overseas Block launched with Map, Plots#, and Early Balloted and Early Possessions Plots.

Overseas Block Amenities

Overseas Block Amenities

organic farming in overseas block
safari park in overseas block
sky walk in overseas block
zip line in overseas block
artificial beach in overseas block
jogging track in overseas block
solar park in overseas block

Payment Plan

overseas block-price plan

residential plots

Plot Size Total Price Down Payment (20%) 48-Monthly Installments At Possession (10%)
5 Marla (25*50) 2,090,000 418,000 30,479 209,000
10 Marla (35*70) 3,900,000 780,000 56,875 390,000
1 Kanal (50*90) 5,995,000 1,199,000 87,427 599,500

balloted plots

Plot Size Total Price Down Payment (30%) Monthly Installments At Possession (10%)
5 Marla (25*50) 2,090,000 627,000 30,585 209,000
10 Marla (35*70) 3,570,000 1,071,000 52,063 357,000
1 Kanal (50*90) 3,900,000 1,170,000 57,073 390,000

early possession plots

Plot Size Total Price Down Payment (40%) Monthly Installments At Possession (10%)
5 Marla (25*50) 2,090,000 836,000 30,735 209,000
10 Marla (35*70) 3,900,000 1,560,000 57,353 390,000
1 Kanal (50*90) 5,995,000 2,398,000 88,162 599,500

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