5 Marla house Design in Islamabad

5 Marla House Design in Islamabad

The real estate landscape in Islamabad has witnessed a surge in the popularity of 5 marla house designs. As more individuals opt for smaller plots, the need for innovative and efficient home designs becomes paramount. In this article, we explore the intricacies of crafting a comfortable and stylish home on a 5-marla plot in the capital city of Pakistan.

Best 5 Marla House Design in Islamabad Pakistan 

5 Marla house is probably the most famous size when it comes to homes and plots in Pakistan. The reason behind it is simple: they are just big enough and are also available at reasonable prices. 

But owing to the size of these plots it is very hard to design a house that is both beautiful and efficient. Do not worry we have come up with the best designs for 5 marla houses in Pakistan. By using these designs you can build a beautiful house. 

  • 5 Marla House Design with Two Terraces
  • 5 Marla House Design with Open Plan Living
  • 5 Marla House Design with 5 Bedrooms
  • 5 Marla House Design with Two Portions

1. 5 Marla House Design with Two Terraces

5 Marla Plot Home Design in Islamabad

Imagine waking up to the sun on one terrace and winding down the day with a sunset on the other. This design not only brings the outdoors closer but also allows for a seamless integration of nature into your daily life. 

The dual terraces provide versatile spaces for various activities, from morning yoga to evening gatherings with friends.

Main Features

  • Dual terraces for outdoor living.
  • Ample space for gardening and relaxation.


  • Enhanced outdoor experience.
  • Increased natural light inside the house.


Terrace 1: 10ft x 15ft

Terrace 2: 8ft x 12ft

2. 5 Marla House Design with Open Plan Living

Open-plan living is more than just a design choice; it’s a lifestyle that promotes a sense of openness and connection. 

This design maximizes natural light and airflow, creating a bright and inviting living space. The strategic arrangement of furniture enhances functionality while maintaining a visually pleasing environment.

Main Features

  • Open, fluid spaces connecting living, dining, and kitchen areas.
  • Strategic placement of furniture for functionality and aesthetics.


  • Improved lighting and ventilation.
  • Flexibility in interior design and furniture arrangement.


Living Area: 15ft x 20ft

Dining Area: 10ft x 12ft

Kitchen Area: 12ft x 10ft

3. 5 Marla House Design with 5 Bedrooms

5 Marla Plot Home Design in Islamabad

The five-bedroom design caters to the needs of larger families or those requiring additional space. Each bedroom is thoughtfully designed, striking a balance between size and functionality. 

This design provides flexibility for creating guest rooms or home offices, adapting to the evolving needs of your family.

Main Features

  • Five well-designed bedrooms.
  • Balancing sizes for comfort and functionality.


  • Accommodates larger families comfortably.
  • Provides flexibility for guest rooms or home offices.


Master Bedroom: 12ft x 15ft

Additional Bedrooms: 10ft x 12ft eac

4. 5 Marla House Design with Two Portions

The two-portion design introduces flexibility into your living space, catering to different family dynamics. 

Whether you seek privacy for family members or an option for rental income, this design provides the versatility you need. Each portion is carefully planned to optimize space and functionality.

Main Features

  • Division of the house into two separate living spaces.
  • Flexibility for different family dynamics.


  • Privacy for different family members.
  • Option for rental or separate guest space.


Portion 1: 2 Bedrooms, Living Room, Kitchen – Total Area: 500 sq. ft.

Portion 2: 3 Bedrooms, Living Room, Kitchen – Total Area: 700 sq. ft.

Considerations When Designing a 5 Marla House

For the majority of the people building a house is a one time investment and it has to be perfect. There are certain considerations you need to keep in mind before you start building your own house. Some of those points are: 

5 Marla Plot Home Design in Islamabad

  1. Budget and Cost of Construction
  2. Legal and Regulatory Requirements
  3. Quality and Durability of Materials
  4. Environmental and Climatic Conditions
  5. Architectural and Interior Design
  6. Functionality and Comfort
  7. Maintenance and Upkeep

1. Budget and Cost of Construction

When embarking on the design journey for a 5 Marla house, one of the primary considerations is your budget. This involves more than just estimating the overall cost; it requires a detailed breakdown of expenses. 

For example, allocating a specific budget for construction materials, labor, permits, and unexpected contingencies is crucial. Let’s say your overall budget is 10,00,000. Break it down into categories, like 40,0000 for materials, 30,0000 for labor, and 30,0000 as a buffer for unforeseen expenses. This ensures a more organized and realistic approach to your project.

2. Legal and Regulatory Requirements

Navigating the legal landscape is vital to avoid delays and complications. Consider this: before breaking ground, you need to obtain the necessary permits and approvals from local authorities like the CDA in Islamabad. 

Failure to comply with regulations could result in fines or even a halt to your construction. As an example, if you’re adding a second floor to your 5 Marla house, you may need approval from the local building department. 

Understanding and adhering to these regulations ensures a smooth and legally compliant construction process.

3. Quality and Durability of Materials

Choosing the right materials is not just about aesthetics; it’s about longevity. For instance, opting for high-quality, durable materials may initially seem more expensive, but it pays off in the long run. 

Consider using materials like weather-resistant wood or durable tiles for areas prone to heavy foot traffic. This not only enhances the lifespan of your home but also reduces maintenance costs over time.

4. Environmental and Climatic Conditions

Designing with the environment and climate in mind is essential, especially in a city like Islamabad. 

For example, if your 5 Marla plot is exposed to intense sunlight, incorporating energy-efficient windows can help regulate indoor temperatures and reduce reliance on air conditioning. 

Similarly, in areas with heavy rainfall, proper drainage systems and water-resistant materials become critical considerations.

5. Architectural and Interior Design

Collaboration with architects and interior designers is more than a luxury; it’s a necessity. Consider this scenario: you have a specific vision for your 5 Marla house, but it may not align with practical design principles. 

An architect can translate your vision into a structurally sound plan. For instance, if you want an open-concept kitchen, an architect can suggest load-bearing solutions to ensure the structural integrity of your home.

6. Functionality and Comfort

A well-designed home should prioritize functionality and comfort. Imagine designing a beautiful living room, but the layout doesn’t accommodate your family’s needs. 

Consider practical aspects, like creating ample storage space in a small bedroom or ensuring that the kitchen layout facilitates easy movement during cooking. This ensures that your 5 Marla house not only looks good but serves its purpose efficiently.

7. Maintenance and Upkeep

The design choices you make impact the long-term maintenance of your home. For instance, opting for low-maintenance materials in high-traffic areas can save you time and effort in cleaning. 

Additionally, consider features like easy-to-clean surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms, reducing the time and cost associated with regular maintenance.

Rudn Enclave: Your Ideal Spot for 5 Marla Plots in Islamabad

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With carefully planned spaces and modern perks, Rudn Enclave makes owning your dream 5 Marla plot easy and delightful. Welcome to your perfect living experience at Rudn Enclave!


Designing a 5 Marla plot home in Islamabad is a dynamic and fulfilling process. By considering factors such as budget, legal requirements, material quality, environmental conditions, and thoughtful design, one can create a home that not only meets practical needs but also reflects personal style. Balancing aesthetics with functionality is key to achieving a harmonious living space.


The cost of constructing a 5 Marla house in Islamabad typically ranges from PKR 6,000,000 to PKR 9,000,000, considering factors such as materials, design complexity, and labor costs.
As of 2023, the cost of a 5 Marla plot in Islamabad may vary, but on average, it could range from PKR 2,250,000 to PKR 4,500,000, depending on location and market trends.
A standard 5 Marla house in Islamabad typically includes 3 to 4 bedrooms, along with common areas like a living room, kitchen, and potentially additional spaces based on the specific design.
A 25 * 50 plot size is equivalent to 5 Marlas or 1250 square feet. In Islamabad, this plot size is commonly used for residential construction and offers a versatile space for various design possibilities.

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