Rudn Enclave 5 Marla Plot Payment Plan

What is Rudn Enclave 5 Marla Plot Payment Plan

Real estate enthusiasts and potential investors are always on the lookout for promising opportunities. In this pursuit, Rudn Enclave emerges as a noteworthy contender, particularly with its 5 Marla residential plots and high point commercial plots. 

Let’s dive into the details of the 5 Marla plot payment plan and explore what makes Rudn Enclave an attractive prospect for discerning buyers.

The Importance of 5 Marla Plots

Before delving into the payment specifics, it’s essential to grasp the concept of a 5 Marla plot. In real estate, a Marla is a standard unit of area measurement, and a 5 Marla plot typically constitutes a plot of land covering a certain square footage. 

This provides potential buyers with a clear understanding of the size and potential usage of the property.

5 Marla Plot Payment Plan

The payment for 5 Marla plots in Rudn Enclave is different for different areas within the society. There are also factors like one-time payment and instalment. To give you a better idea let’s move forward and look at the payment plans one by one. 

1. 5 Marla Residential Plot Pricing: 1,575,000

This sub-heading outlines the specific cost associated with purchasing a 5-Marla residential plot in Rudn Enclave. The mentioned price of $1,575,000 indicates the financial investment required for individuals interested in acquiring a residential property within the project.

Plot Size Total Price Down Payment Monthly Instalment At Possession 
5 Marla 1,575,000315,00022,970157,500

2. High Point 5 Marla Commercial Plots: 6,500,000

Under this sub-heading, the article delves into the pricing details of high-point commercial plots. These plots are tailored for commercial ventures and come with a price tag of $6,500,000. 

This information is crucial for potential investors or businesses looking to explore commercial opportunities within Rudn Enclave.

Plot Size Total Price Down Payment Monthly Instalment At Possession 
5 Marla 6,50,0001,30,00094,791650,000

Why You Should Choose Rudn Enclave’s 5 Marla Plots 

RUDN Enclave stands out as a distinctive and sought-after project, boasting a plethora of features that contribute to its appeal among potential homebuyers and investors.

5 Marla Plot Payment Plan

  1. Eco-Friendly and Healthy Housing Project
  2. Strategic Location on Main Adyala Road
  3. Scenic Dam View and Natural Surroundings
  4. Easy Access to Motorway
  5. Amenities at Your Doorstep

1. Eco-Friendly and Healthy Housing Project

At the heart of RUDN Enclave’s charm is its commitment to being an eco-friendly and healthy housing project. 

The developers, RMRSCO (PVT. Ltd), have collaborated with NESPAK as the Master Planner and Consultant, ensuring a well-thought-out design that integrates sustainability into its core. 

This focus not only provides residents with a green and healthy living environment but also aligns with the increasing demand for sustainable housing solutions.

2. Strategic Location on Main Adyala Road

Situated on Main Adyala Road, at the prime location of Ring Road Rawalpindi, RUDN Enclave enjoys strategic placement. 

This location not only ensures convenient access to essential services but also places residents in proximity to key transportation hubs. 

The project’s proximity to the Chakri and Thalian Interchange, as well as the New International Islamabad Airport, enhances its accessibility, making it an ideal choice for those who value connectivity.

3. Scenic Dam View and Natural Surroundings

RUDN Enclave takes pride in offering residents a picturesque view of the dam and beautiful natural surroundings. 

This scenic backdrop enhances the overall living experience, providing a tranquil and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. The integration of natural elements into the project’s design adds an extra layer of charm, making it stand out among other developments.

4. Easy Access to Motorway

The project’s strategic location is further emphasized by its easy access to the motorway. With close proximity to Chakri and Thalian Interchange, residents can seamlessly connect to the motorway, facilitating smooth travel to various destinations. 

Additionally, the accessibility to the New International Islamabad Airport adds to the project’s appeal, particularly for those who prioritize ease of travel.

5. Amenities at Your Doorstep

RUDN Enclave ensures that residents have all amenities right at their doorstep. This convenience factor enhances the overall quality of life within the enclave, offering everything from essential services to recreational facilities within easy reach. 

This integrated approach reflects the developers’ commitment to creating a self-sufficient and thriving community.

Steps to Secure a Plot in Rudn Enclave

5 Marla Plot Payment Plan

Investing in a plot can be a significant decision, and Rudn Enclave strives to make the process as seamless as possible. Here are the steps to guide you through securing a plot in this promising enclave:

1. Research and Familiarization

Before making any commitments, conduct thorough research on Rudn Enclave. Understand the project’s features, amenities, and overall vision. Familiarize yourself with the available plot sizes, pricing, and any unique offerings that set Rudn Enclave apart from other developments.

2. Financial Assessment

Evaluate your financial readiness. Determine your budget for the plot and consider any financing options available. Rudn Enclave’s transparent pricing allows for a clear financial assessment, ensuring you make an informed decision aligned with your budgetary constraints.

3. Site Visit

Nothing beats the first-hand experience. Schedule a site visit to Rudn Enclave. Walk through the project, explore the surroundings, and visualize the potential of the plot you’re considering. This step allows you to connect with the environment and assess whether it aligns with your preferences and lifestyle.

4. Consultation with Sales Team

Engage with the Rudn Enclave sales team. Seek clarification on any queries or concerns you may have. The sales team is equipped to provide detailed information on available plots, and payment plans, and assist you in choosing the option that best suits your needs.

5. Legal Due Diligence

Ensure legal clarity before proceeding. Request and review all necessary legal documents related to the plot. Rudn Enclave prioritizes transparency, and the legal team can provide the documentation needed to instil confidence in the legitimacy of your investment.


Rudn Enclave’s 5 Marla plot payment plan offers a compelling proposition for both homebuyers and investors. With competitive pricing, strategic location, and a host of features, it stands as a promising venture in the real estate landscape. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be a part of a thriving community.


The payment plan for Rudn Enclave varies based on plot size. For a 5-Marla residential plot, the price is $1,575,000. High-point commercial plots are priced at $6,500,000.
Rudn Enclave is currently in progress, with 25% of the development work completed. Regular project updates are provided to keep buyers informed about the ongoing advancements.
Rudn Enclave is a project of RMRSCO (PVT. Ltd). The master developers and contractors for the project are Urban Planning and Design Limited (UPDL), along with its subsidiaries Alhaq Builders and New Leafs.

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