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RUDN Enclave early balloting taking place in December

We are excited to announce that the early balloting for Executive Block at RUDN Enclave is open now.

” Quarter passed the parameters we had set of ourselves.”RUDN Management

With the uncanny options of lucrative investments and ledger options. We are not limiting our investors to certain options. With early balloting, we are ensuring our investors the ultimate land possession and delivery within a year.

It is nothing short of an achievement for a housing society of this RUDN Enclave scale to get here at the early balloting. We are overwhelmed and excited to step ahead with early balloting taking place this year.

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Balloting in December:

Balloting in RUDN Enclave is nothing less than a chance at life. You never know which asset will propel you to the top.

We at RUDN Enclave, have completed the enormous challenge of keeping our pledge earlier than expected. Yes, you were correct in your guess.

Balloting for our Executive Block residential plots is all set to go. So why wait to avail this golden chance? Come and avail this opportunity before the time slurps out.

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Benefits of Balloting for Executive Block:

RUDN Enclave enjoys the greatest advantages of excellent ROIs for every investment due to its exceptional location in Twin City.

Following are the key aspects of development and early investment that investors should keep in mind.

These reasons can make you weigh your decision more wisely:

1. The high time of investment:

Everyone knows that in real estate investment timing plays a vital role.

Now, we are expecting a golden period for our investors who have already made investments, and for those who waited for the proper moment to invest, the time to do so is now if you want to succeed in making it big.

2. Quick turnaround

Now, that the enclave is going for early balloting, investors should also expect a quick turnaround for early possession.

However, even if that is promised to be given in 2023 by the management but you never know. It can be expected early as well.

3. Speedy Development

Early Balloting is the result of the rapid development status, the enclave work is taking place in full swing.

At multiple spots, for the main project to proceed, the land has been levelled. In addition, the framework for several locations has been established for the work to resume.

We encourage our future investors to come and look at the developmental status themselves.

4. Choice of investment

Our investors are our True partners. The only reason we can move forward with early balloting is because of these incredible collaborations.

Through early balloting, now they have the option of selecting one of our many plot categories with full payment and ledger update, which is incredible.

As this is a limited-time offer, it is being offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

5. Balloting Requirements

Property in Executive Block is the ultimate demand of our investors. We are overwhelmed with the response we have gotten and look forward to receiving more in the future.

Following are the key requirements to become a part of RUDN ENCLAVE, avail the opportunities coming your way, and make a way towards royal living.

  • Chance to avail Choice/Category plots and guaranteed inclusion in the ballot for members who complete 100% Payment and get their Ledger Updated in time.
  • Investors paying 60% and updating their ledger timely will get a particular inclusion priority.
  • Not only that, members paying full payment will get a 10% discount against the amount paid herewith and will be given a choice to choose from the categories.
  • Do not wait for the deadline and complete your payment as a priority to avail this golden opportunity.
  • The last date for updating the ledger is 15 December 2022.

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Ending Note:

Early balloting is the ultimate insurance of delivered promises. We at RUDN Enclave, ensure that we provide lucrative opportunities to our investors.

This gigantic task of early balloting has encouraged us to move ahead with more force.

Take a step ahead of time and avail this opportunity with the availability of multiple options that just makes your investment a much easier and viable option to proceed.

RUDN Enclave calls for all the people who look for a splendid lifestyle and ensured capital gain.

You will have the chance of a lifetime to locate your ideal plot during the balloting round. Take into account the balloting criteria and make your immediate payment if it is still due.

To begin your path toward luxury living, stop by our office in Wallayat Complex Bahria Town Phase 7, Rawalpindi, right away.


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